Current Playlist Posted

The current playlist is posted. There may be a few omissions as the music was just handed out. New .mp3 files will be added as new music is distributed. Here’s the current listing. Remember, each arrangement is backed by a downloadable .mp3 file to a performance found on YouTube.

Crown Imperial (William Walton)
Fiesta de los Toros (Brian Balmages)
The Gladiator (John Philip Sousa)
The Incredibles (Jay Bocook)
Into the Light (Jay Bocook)
Just a Closer Walk With Thee (Michael Brown)
Raiders March (Paul Lavender)
Selections from Mary Poppins (Ted Ricketts)
Symphony No. 5 Finale (Shostakovich)
Spain (Paul Murtha)
Sunscapes (Chandler L. Wilson)
Toboggan Ride (Stan Applebaum)
The Woodwind Polka (Andy Clark)