What to wear and when???

Rehearsals: Casual clothing.  Be comfortable.  Shorts are fine during warm temperatures.

Informal Attire Concerts: BBWE Uniforms - Certain concerts require the use of the informal BBWE uniforms, which include for both men and women the BBWE embroidered shirt.  If you do not have this approved shirt, any Navy Blue Polo short sleeve shirt will do.  Long khaki pants.  Dark shoes.  E-mail Secretary@BBandWE.org to request a new shirt.  

Formal Attire Concerts: Certain concerts require formal attire (i.e., Black Tie for men / Black Evening Wear for women).  Men shall wear black tuxedo or suit, preferably black bow tie, white tuxedo (or plain) shirt, and black socks and black shoes.  Women are encouraged to wear all black such as black dress, or black blouse, black skirt, with black shoes.

Note: During all gatherings please refrain from any strong scented perfumes, colognes, soaps, etc., as not to offend your neighbor musicians.

Review the Important Dates section in the Members Only area which will indicate what style of dress is required for each concert.