Below is BBWE's current playlist for Holiday Concert 2018.  Each piece is hyperlinked to an audio .mp3 file you can download to your device. was used to source another band's recording of the piece by that particular arranger.  Please note, the webmaster did his best to find a similar piece, however it may not be exact as to that of BBWE's repertoire.  Additionally the conductors of those pieces may require something different of BBWE's conductor.  The audio files are posted to help those get an idea of how each piece is played.  The BBWE member may use the audio file to aid in his/her practice.

Note: There exists audio looping software programs where you can install on your device (Windows PC, Apple Macintosh, Android Phone, Apple iPhone, etc.), load the particular song, and loop between any start and end point in a song.  These utility programs can aid the member in continually looping from start to finish of one particular section of music, so the member can focus only on the difficult section of that piece.  Contact for further help on finding an Audio Looping software program for your device.